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General Responsibilities:

Minimally, the committee will be composed of two MIRSA professional members and one MIRSA student member.  At a maximum, there can be up to seven committee members. 

Each committee term is July 1-June 30.  Designations of committee chairs will be made by July 1

Budget will be determined annually through the request and allocation with the Finance Committee and approval by the MIRSA Executive Board.  

Chair will communicate regularly with the State Director Elect, reporting progress, questions, and work of the committee.   Each committee is required to prepare or revise its operating code annually.

Provide biannual reports to the MIRSA Membership (for the State Workshop Business Meeting and NIRSA Annual Conference MIRSA State Business Meeting).  

Bylaws and Operating Code Chris Voss (Chair) | Stan Shingles 

State Workshop Nicole Green (Chair) | Steven Karasewski | Patty Oehmke | Ross Winter | Rita Jahshan | Lonnie Hurst | Abby Swasey

Programming & Extramural Special Events Mitch Eastlick (Chair) | Kristen Traskie | Greg Reilly

Membership Engagement Eric Garvelink (Chair) | Jessica Elsaid

Finance Bill Singleton (Chair) | Scott George (Treasurer) | Nicholas Henderlong

Awards & Scholarships Andy Boehnlein (Chair) | Margie Wallington | Greg Jordan | Chelsea VanAssche  

Student Committee Lauren James (Chair) | Mickey Hua | Dan LaPalm   

Nominations and Elections Chris Voss (Chair) | Mike Berdowski | Kenton Elworth