2015-2016 Student State Leader Appointment

As a member of MIRSA, we value your feedback on the 2015-2016 Student State Leader Appointment. Please complete the SurveyMonkey survey that will be sent to you via email before 6pm on Monday March 16th for your feedback to be considered. 

Only current student and professional members are eligible to provide feedback. Therefore if you attended the MIRSA State Workshop, or purchased your $10 membership any time after that, you will be sent the survey. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact our Secretary Marie VanBuskirk at mirsaexecboard@gmail.com with your inquiry. If you have any questions about the Student State Leader Appointment process, please contact Sarah DiStefano at distefano@oakland.edu. 

You can view the candidates below!
Michael Berdowski
Mike Berdowski is the first year graduate assistant for Intramural Sports at Western Michigan University. Mike obtained his bachelor’s degree at Indiana State University and before coming to WMU was a campus recreation intern at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. This is his first year being a part of MIRSA, and he is very excited to be a part of our great state and association. Mike found out about campus recreation in his final year at ISU, but he has made the most out of the short time being a part of it. While only being a part of the WMU community for a semester, the students on campus can already feel his impact. Mike gets the most out of his student officials and supervisors through leading by example and instilling them with confidence.

Mike has attended two Region III Lead Ons and also attended the first ever Lead On for Region II. Mike experienced his first NIRSA national conference last year in Nashville, Tennessee. If elected to the SSL position, Mike wants to create more state intramural sports workshops, a unified MIRSA club sport council and a student-to-student mentor-mentee program. Everyday Mike comes into work with a smile on his face, and one cannot help but feel the excitement and energy he brings to the students of WMU. Mike is very excited and honored to be a finalist for the MIRSA SSL position and hopes for your vote!

Mackenzie Lucius
Mackenzie Lucius was heavily involved with campus recreation as an undergraduate participant at GVSU and upon graduation, he felt a void in his life. After teaching for a year, Mackenzie decided to pursue a career in campus recreation and was hired as an Intern for Facility Operations with Winthrop University in South Carolina. During his time at Winthrop, he found a home with campus recreation which led him to his current position with Grand Valley State University as the Staff Development and Programming Graduate Assistant. He is a NIRSA Student Engagement Coordinator and serves on the MIRSA Student Committee. Mackenzie has attended two MIRSA State Workshops and Region III Student Lead On Conferences. Also, Mackenzie attended the 2014 NIRSA Annual Conference and is excited to engage with the NIRSA community at this years annual conference in Fort Worth, Texas. 

If selected as the new MIRSA Student State Leader, Mackenzie would plan to implement a mentorship program that would pair up campus recreation undergraduates with graduate assistants and professional staff members from different MIRSA institutions. The goal is to create more engagement, networking, and development opportunities that will ultimately lead to a presentation proposal the mentee would be able to submit to a conference. The mentorship program would be Mackenzie’s way of creating a closer MIRSA community while providing students with opportunities to learn from invested professionals.