2016 State Elections

Post date: Aug 9, 2016 4:56:18 PM

Executive Board Elections

As per our new bylaws that were approved in October 2015, we will be holding elections at the state business meeting for the following positions - State Director and State Director-Elect. Because we are in a transition period this year, the State Director position will only be a two year term (one as State Director, one as Past State Director). Below are descriptions of the positions:

State Director (2 years)

The State Director shall preside over all state business meetings, enforce laws and regulations of the association and carry out the will of the members. The State Director will be the liaison to NIRSA and the Region III representative, represent MIRSA at state, regional, and national events, and facilitate the goals and objectives for the association. The State Director will ensure recruitment and selection processes for appointed positions.

State Director-Elect (3 years)

The State Director Elect shall coordinate the operations of the standing and ad-hoc committees, coordinate appointments of committee chairs, assist in the development of goals and objectives for the association, maintain coordination of the Association membership roster, document business meeting minutes, and assume responsibilities of the State Director in his/her absence.

If you are interested in applying or have any other questions, please contact Chris Voss, christopher.e.voss@wmich.edu.