General Responsibilities

  • Minimally, the committee will be composed of two MIRSA professional members and one MIRSA student member. At a maximum, there can be up to seven committee members.
  • Each committee term is July 1-June 30. Designations of committee chairs will be made by July 1.
  • Budget will be determined annually through the request and allocation with the Finance Committee and approval by the MIRSA Executive Board.
  • Chair will communicate regularly with the State Director Elect, reporting progress, questions, and work of the committee. Each committee is required to prepare or revise its operating code annually.
  • Members will provide biannual reports to the MIRSA Membership (for the State Workshop Business Meeting and NIRSA Annual Conference MIRSA State Business Meeting).

current members

Awards & Scholarships - Cheryl Jendryka (Chair) | Mike Berdowski | Melanie Stawkey | Laurel Hanna | Alex Kopko

Bylaws and Operating Code - Stan Shingles (Chair) | Jeff Straw

Finance - Rob Latva (Chair) | Margie Wallington (Treasurer) | Mike Widen | Molly Gagnon

Membership Engagement - Megan Choiniere (Chair) | Sarah Button | Eric Garvelink | Bradford Duke

Nominations and Elections - Kristen Traskie (Chair) | Lisa Shea

Programming & Extramural Special Events - Gabby Sokol (Chair) | Mitch Eastlick | Antonio Sofia | Bailey Adams | Nolan Rogers

State Workshop - Darin Leigh (Chair) | Nicole Green | Lexi Chaput | Dave Siegle | Mickey Hua | Brad Barlog

Student Committee - Amy Ramras (Chair) | Sarina Routowicz | Randy Scroppo