Article I – Name

The name of this association shall be the Michigan Intramural Recreational Sports Association (MIRSA).

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of the Association shall be to promote and enhance the quality of recreational sports programs in various settings throughout Michigan. This may be accomplished through professional meetings, publications, dissemination of ideas, and the maintenance of policies consistent with the philosophy of NIRSA.

Article III – Membership

Section 1 – Professional

Any individual who is presently employed or actively seeking employment in higher education, retired from higher education employment, or employed in a field directly associated in the administration of recreational services, shall be eligible for professional membership in MIRSA. Professional members are entitled to all rights and privileges of the Association.

Section 2 – Student

Any student, graduate or undergraduate, currently enrolled in a Michigan higher education institution shall be eligible for student membership in MIRSA. Student members shall receive all newsletters, be eligible to attend all meetings, and may hold appointive positions on committees, but may not hold an elected office, with the exception of the State Student Representative. Student members shall be eligible to vote on the State Student Representative, but shall not be eligible to vote on any other official association business. The State Student Representative will be entitled to vote on behalf of the student membership on all official association business.

Article IV – Structure

Section 1

The Association shall be a state organization and state association member within NIRSA. The association shall meet the following criteria to maintain state association membership within NIRSA:

    1. Maintain consistency of purpose with NIRSA;
    2. Each elected officer in the Association must maintain membership in NIRSA;
    3. Possess continuing proof of the tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service;
    4. Yearly submission of documentation to NIRSA for maintaining state association status.

Section 2

An Executive Committee shall be formed to serve the membership in conducting the business of the Association. The Executive Committee shall report the results of actions taken by the Executive Committee to the membership in regular publication, on the MIRSA website, or at any meeting of the members.

Article V – Officers

Section 1

There shall be two types of officers – professional elective and student elective. The professional elective officers of the Association shall be Past State Director, State Director, State Director Elect, and Treasurer. The student elective office of the Association shall be the Student Representative. All such officers must be NIRSA members and affiliated with institutions within the state of Michigan.

Section 2

The term of Past State Director, State Director, and State Director Elect shall be one year per position. The term of Treasurer shall be two years. Election of the State Director Elect shall take place by the conclusion of the MIRSA State Workshop business meeting on an annual basis. Election of the Treasurer shall take place at the MIRSA State Workshop business meeting once every two years. The new Executive Committee assumes responsibility for the Association May 1st annually:

    1. The newly voted State Director Elect assumes all State Director Elect responsibilities.
    2. The prior State Director Elect assumes all State Director responsibilities.
    3. The prior State Director assumes Past State Director responsibilities.
    4. The prior Past State Director is no longer on the Executive Committee.

The term of the student elective office shall be one year. Election of the office shall take place by March 31st by a majority vote of the Association’s Student Members. The newly elected officer shall assume responsibilities May 1st.

Section 3

The management of the Association shall be entrusted to the Executive Committee, which shall consist of the Past State Director, State Director, State Director Elect, Treasurer, and Student Representative.

Section 4

State Director Elect Duties

The State Director Elect shall coordinate the operations of the standing and ad-hoc committees, coordinate appointments of committee chairs, assist in the development of goals and objectives for the association, maintain coordination of the Association membership roster, document business meeting minutes, and assume responsibilities of the State Director in his/her absence . If the State Director Elect position becomes vacant during the term, after the NIRSA Annual Conference State Business Meeting and before the fall State Workshop, the State Director will assume all State Director Elect responsibilities. In this case, the Association will vote for a new State Director Elect and State Director at the next state business meeting.

State Director Duties

The State Director shall preside over all state business meetings, enforce laws and regulations of the association and carry out the will of the members. The State Director will be the liaison to NIRSA and the Region III representative, represent MIRSA at state, regional, and national events, and facilitate the goals and objectives for the association. The State Director will ensure recruitment and selection processes for appointed positions. In the event the State Director position becomes vacant during the term, the State Director Elect shall assume all State Director responsibilities for the remainder of the unexpired term in addition to his/her current duties as State Director Elect.

Past State Director Duties

The Past State Director shall coordinate the planning for the State Workshop and collaborate with the Treasurer on all monetary functions for the State Workshop. In the event the Past State Director position becomes vacant during the term, the State Director shall assume all Past State Director responsibilities or appoint a former MIRSA State Director to assume the responsibilities for the remainder of the unexpired term and assume full Past State Director responsibilities at the next annual State Workshop. The appointment must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Treasurer Duties

The Treasurer shall supervise all of the association’s receipts, expenditures, serve on the Finance Committee, and ensure that the association maintains Internal Revenue Service non-profit status.

Student Representative

The MIRSA Student Representative is elected to serve the student membership of Michigan. The student representative will work closely with the MIRSA State Director, NIRSA National Student Leader, Region III Student Leader, and Region III Regional Representative. The MIRSA Student Representative will serve on the Executive Committee, inform and educate MIRSA students through conference presentations and committee involvement, and maintain communication through social media. If the Student Representative office becomes vacant, a replacement shall be appointed by President to complete the term.

All officers are responsible for:

    1. Promoting awareness, interest and involvement in MIRSA;
    2. Submitting reports and updates for MIRSA member communication;
    3. Attending and speaking at State Business Meetings;
    4. Assisting in development or short and long range goals and objectives.

Section 5

In the event any of the elected executive board positions become vacant, a special election may be held to fill the vacant position(s). In the case of a special election, the executive board will work with the Bylaws and Committee Operating Codes and Nomination and Elections committees to establish the process.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1

Each year a State Workshop should be conducted, at which time a MIRSA Business Meeting shall take place. The guidelines, requirements, and selection of location of State Workshops shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

Section 2

Each year a Business Meeting will be conducted at the NIRSA Annual Conference.

Section 3

The Association professional membership in attendance or ten members, whichever is less, shall constitute a quorum for all State Business Meetings. Procedures as indicated in Robert’s Rules of Order shall be followed.

Article VII – Committees

Section 1 – Standing Committees

Standing committees shall be appointed and populated by the State Director. The Standing Committees shall be:

A. Bylaws and Committee Operating Codes

B. Nominations and Elections

C. Finance

Section 2 – Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees shall be appointed and populated by State Director as deemed necessary.

Article VIII – Amendments and Bylaws

Section 1

The bylaws may be amended at any State Business Meeting or written or electronic ballot provided that (1) the proposed amendment is presented to the entire membership in writing a minimum of thirty days in advance of the vote and (2) that two-thirds (2/3) majority of the votes cast approve the said proposed amendment.

Section 2

Committee Operating Codes shall be approved by Executive Committee.

Section 3

Active members, as defined by the Executive Committee, may vote on association business via absentee ballot using the procedures defined by the Executive Committee for any vote occurring at a State Business Meeting

Section 4

There shall be no member voting by proxy.

Revised: MIRSA, 2019 – Oct. 17th, 2019